TechforCann HQ located in Malta

Malta ranks amongst the 5 countries with the largest increase in innovation performance.

With a population of about half a million people and a national GDP of 12.3 billion euros, Malta has been actively working to attract international interest to bolster its developing cannabis market. The Medicines Authority supports research and development to stimulate the much anticipated evidence-based science in this field.

Malta Enterprises is a government agency tasked with seeking foreign investment into the country, and have committed 2.5M EU to establish a medical cannabis accelerator there.

Malta holds one of the main seaports in the Mediterranean and land access to Italy, making it an ideal central operation and logistics site for key markets in the EU, including Germany, Denmark and the UK. Malta has a thriving medical cannabis industry based on export capabilities with the ability to supply much of the European medical cannabis market.

Government / academic support for R&D in cannabis

  • The Maltese Medicines Authority encourages collaborative initiatives with a number of stakeholders that share the vision of patient-centered research and development.

  • That authority is actively involved in sourcing cannabis products to Malta which takes place primarily through wholesale distribution to licensed pharmacies.

  • The Advanced Scientific Initiatives Directorate of Malta welcomes proposals from established organizations for scientific collaboration in cannabis.  Projects related to advanced research in cultivation, product formulations, analytical developments and clinical trials related to cannabis for medicinal use are invited. 

  • The Medicines Authority collaborates closely with the University of Malta, the Malta Laboratories Network and Malta Enterprise on various specialized studies, including educational initiatives.  

Our Network in Malta

  • Many global players that are already in our network are using Malta as a jumping-off point for their Europe operations

  • There are a number of global cannabis events that take place in Malta every year, drawing thousands of executives, researchers, innovators, policy makers and investors. 

TechforCann accelerator in Malta:

  • As a member of the European Union (EU), Malta is beholden to EU Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) standard which is recognized worldwide for cannabis.

  • Flexible regulatory environment benefits investment opportunities.

  • The strong Maltese pharmaceutical framework presents a unique advantage.