About Us

Working Together to Commercialize Medical Cannabis Innovations

The TechforCann EU accelerator program allows medical cannabis entrepreneurs to reach milestones faster, with less error and expense, ultimately increasing their probability of commercial success.   

Participants in the program receive funding and run a validation pilot within the EU-GMP ecosystem in Malta, as well as marketing, finance and regulatory services.

Participants and alumni also join an invitation-only community, including in-person pitch events with a global network of partners, customers and investors.

The accelerator currently focuses on four categories, including:

Healthcare/biotech - Delivery methods, digital health, pharmaceuticals, synthetic cannabinoids, formulations, testing, education

Agtech - Genetics, breeding tech, growing materials

Digital operations - Infrastructure (water, lighting), extraction, AI management/control, operational technology

Product technology - including innovations in the areas of wellness, beverages & edibles, topicals, and veterinary products, etc.



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